The need to build a new bridge across the Bow River was identified in 2002 to connect arterial roads and help move traffic more efficiently across the river.

The west side of the bridge structure will be located at the east end of the public space (west side of the river) that currently has a parking lot and access to the multi-use pathway and off-leash dog area. The east side of the bridge will connect with the new part of James Walker Trail.

All the work done to date is based on functional studies that determined the most efficient alignment for both sides of the proposed bridge and considered current and future land uses, roadway length and grades, bridge span, floodways and impacts to adjacent properties.

The location for the bridge was chosen in 2002 and is based on:

  • Community growth
  • Community connectivity
  • River shape, in particular, avoiding the bend where ice can build up
  • Significant variances in grade and topography
  • Suitable road alignment with Griffin Road

The new bridge will:

  • Meet current design and engineering standards
  • Provide two lanes for vehicle traffic with adequate lane widths to accommodate emergency vehicles and transit vehicles in the future
  • Provide pedestrian/cycling access, including on-street bike lanes and a separated, 3-metre multi-use pathway that connects with Cochrane’s existing pathway system.
  • Incorporate an historical/commemorative component through the name and aesthetics.
  • Connect the north and south sides of Cochrane

Visit the Bow River Bridge Project page on the Town of Cochrane website.


There are opportunities being planned for public input into the bridge name and some of the aesthetic aspects of the bridge.

We are now accepting suggestions for the Bow River Bridge name. 

Please check back for updates on this project and other participation opportunities.


Upcoming Events

Find us at the Cochrane Chamber Trade Show, Town pavilion at the far end of the curling rink.
May 5-6, 2018
Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre
800 Griffin Road East
Sat 10am-5pm Sun 10am-4pm

Please check back for more upcoming Public Participation opportunities.


  • 2002: Plans and draft locations evaluated
    Bridge Crossings study identified the Griffin Road location as the best solution
  • 2006: Planning and preliminary design
    Transportation Plan included a new bridge across the Bow River and arterial road connections
  • 2017: Planning and preliminary design
    Bridge design options created and reviewed.
  • 2017: Road alignment
    Griffin Road widening/realignment for bridge
  • Spring 2018: Detailed design
    Refine design details; further refine costs.
  • Spring 2018: RFP for selection of the construction contractor
  • May 2018: Engagement on bridge naming and art
  • 2018 – 2020: Construction*
    *Construction details and timelines will not be known until a construction contractor is selected.