FINAL Smart Cities Challenge proposal

(Submitted to Infrastructure Canada April 23, 2018)


The Town of Cochrane, is embarking on a major community-driven initiative to identify opportunities for developing smart city solutions to address local issues.

In November 2017, Infrastructure Canada announced the Smart Cities Challenge requesting Canadian cities to collaborate with their residents, businesses, academic and civic organizations to design innovative projects that address their most pressing local challenges using data and connected technologies.

Challenge Details

As part of the Smart Cities Challenge competition, each community defines its own “Challenge Statement” which can touch any aspect of community life. Potential projects to address the challenge should apply technology to make residents feel safe and secure, earn a good living, move around their community, enjoy a healthy environment, be empowered and included in society and live an active and healthy life.

Find out more about the Smart Cities Challenge.


Upcoming Events

No events scheduled at this time. Please check back for more opportunities to participate.


  • Smart Cities Challenge announced
    November 2017
  • Public Meeting and World Cafe
    Week of February 26
  • Public Survey
    Week of February 26, 2018
  • Smart Cities application due
    April 24, 2018

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