The draft 2020-2022 budget was presented to Council at their October 28 meeting. Council will debate the budget on November 18 and 19, 2019.

The proposed 2020-2022 budget delivers on Council’s strategic priorities, invests in the infrastructure required for our growing community, and ensures continued service delivery at a sustainable tax increase.

When planning the budget, the Town estimates how much money will be spent (expenditures) to maintain public services and infrastructure, and how that money that will be generated (revenue) to meet the anticipated expenditures. Once these estimates are made and plans are set, staff develop the budget for Council’s consideration.

The goal is to maintain or improve services, while anticipating and planning for future community needs. This budget includes a significant emphasis on addressing transportation-related issues and investing in new infrastructure to support our growing community.


All information and budget documents can be found at: cochrane.ca/Budget.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. Your comments are being compiled for Council in time for budget deliberations November 18 and 19.

Upcoming Events

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  • Project Kickoff
    Oct 2019
  • Draft budget presented to Council
    October 28
  • Public engagement
    Oct 29-Nov 13
  • Council budget deliberations
    Mon Nov 18 and Tue Nov 19, 8:30am-4:30pm
    Public welcome; deliberations also live-streamed (check cochrane.ca/Council for info)
  • Final budget presented to Council for approval
    Dec 9, 2019

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