All residents and stakeholders are encouraged to participate by reviewing the following materials and providing comments:

Non-residential Districts: Once you have determined your new land use district, select the applicable district below to view the regulations that are proposed for your property.


Commercial Transition District

This is a new district which is being applied to specific parcels that lie between the Downtown and East End neighborhoods. The purpose of the Commercial Transition District is to provide low-intensity commercial, office, and service uses that can be integrated with surrounding residential development, and serve as a transition between more intensive commercial uses and the surrounding residential neighborhood. The commercial uses in this district have been specifically chosen to be those that are compatible with surrounding residential development, and special district requirements have been included to ensure that development is pedestrian oriented.

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Neighbourhood Commercial District

The Neighbourhood Commercial District has been created to replace the existing Local Commercial District in the current bylaw. It is meant to provide moderate scale commercial developments which provide day-to-day services to adjacent residential areas, and provide more opportunity for uses that will help residents in outlying communities be able to shop and have services in their own neighbourhood. This district has been designed with the flexibility to provide larger scale uses than the Commercial Transition district, however still promotes pedestrian-oriented design and accommodates a mix of commercial and residential uses.

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Historic Downtown District

Because of its distinct character and value within our community, the Historic Downtown has been broken out as a distinct area within town, and will have a specific district applied to it. The purpose of this district is to provide pedestrian-oriented commercial and mixed-use developments, while promoting the area as a center for community interaction and civic and cultural identity. The uses selected for this district are primarily those that promote active street frontages and a lively pedestrian realm, and while we have continued to legalize and allow some of the larger scale commercial uses, new development will be focused on small to moderate scale commercial uses with a focus on pedestrian traffic. Special district requirements have been included to ensure that regulations are not cumbersome for small businesses, and to promote a pedestrian environment for residents and visitors.

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Highway Commercial District

This district will replace the existing Highway Commercial District and be applied to commercial areas adjacent to arterial roadways and highways. The purpose of this district is to provide larger scale commercial development and uses that are convenient to residents and the travelling public. Special district requirements have been included in this district to help ensure that highway corridors remain attractive and buffered from development.

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General Commercial District

The General Commercial District will replace the existing Shopping Centre district, and will be applied to most of the larger-scale commercial developments in town, such as The Quarry. This district is meant to accommodate a broad range of commercial, entertainment, and professional office development, and has a wide array of commercial uses. This district allows for dwelling units on the second floor and above to maintain the ability for mixed-use development, however has a focus on larger scale commercial uses. While there are still some provisions to promote pedestrian traffic in this district, there are fewer special district requirements than the previous 3 commercial districts.

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Business Industrial District

Business Industrial will replace the existing Business Park district and is intended to provide a mix of light industrial and commercial uses. The industrial uses allowed in this district are those that don’t create a nuisance outside of an enclosed building and would not have an impact on adjacent non-industrial uses. This district is meant to be in highly visible locations along major roadways, and thus is required to have a higher standard of landscaping and site design relative to other industrial districts.

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General Industrial District

This district will replace all of the existing General Industrial parcels in the current bylaw, however has been amended to include more appropriate uses to ensure there are more distinct differences between our commercial and industrial districts. General Industrial has a broader range of industrial uses than the Business Industrial district, and allows the uses to carry a portion of their operations outdoors or have outdoor storage areas. The special district requirements ensure that any nuisance associated with uses in this district is contained within the site.

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Special Industrial District

The Special Industrial District will replace the current Gravel Extraction district, and allows for the continuation of industrial operations and natural resource extraction that is already taking place on these sites. The district was drafted to require large setbacks and increased screening measures, to ensure that the impacts of existing activities on adjacent areas is managed.

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Urban Service

Parks and Recreation

This district will be applied to all existing Public Service parcels which contain parks, public greenspace, or outdoor recreation fields/facilities. The uses in this district are limited, as these areas are intended to primarily be used as park space, but do include some discretionary uses such as eating establishments, child care services, and community facilities that may be allowed if appropriate..

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Community Service

The Community Service district will be applied to all Public Service parcels which currently have schools, government facilities, large churches, or large indoor recreation facilities on them. The purpose of this district is to provide major publicly or privately owned facilities intended for the delivery of community, educational, health, recreation, and government services.

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Urban Holdings District

Existing parcels zoned Urban Reserve or Residential Urban Reserve will all transition to the Urban Holdings district. This district is meant to protect land intended for future development from premature subdivision and development, until urban development can proceed in an orderly fashion consistent with the Municipal Development Plan and other statutory plans. The uses allow for the continuation of existing residential development and agriculture uses, and special district requirements stipulate that the development authority may specify a length.

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