Why do I need to register to complete the survey?

    The Town of Cochrane asks participants to register to complete the survey to ensure there is one response per registrant and that every registrant lives in Cochrane. Participant responses are not tied to their information/registration in the survey report. It's also important for us to hear from a wide range of people, of all ages and backgrounds. By registering and providing voluntary demographic data, you help us to make sure the feedback we receive reflects the variety of people who live, work, and learn in Cochrane. 

    Why do I need to fill in my postal code?

    Asking for a postal code helps us ensure survey participants live in Cochrane. If you live in Cochrane and are having issues with the registration, please try to refresh your browser. If the issue continues, please email communications@cochrane.ca, we are happy to help!

    How will my information be collected and used?

    The Town of Cochrane collects information from you when you register to use this site. This includes your email address and any additional demographic information you provide on the registration form. You are only required to provide a username (which will appear publicly any time you make a contribution), email address (not displayed publicly) and postal code (also not displayed publicly). Your email address allows moderators to reach out to you if they need to. 

    Any demographic information we collect is so that we can:

    • Communicate information to you about engagement opportunities, events and other initiatives;
    • Respond to inquiries and otherwise engage with stakeholders; and
    • Accurately analyze and synthesize data

    How will my registration benefit me?

    Participants who register become part of our online community. They will be able to get involved in multiple projects and receive updates to stay informed.  Participants can choose their username and control what and when they contribute. By registering, you are also providing demographic data which helps The Town understand who we are reaching through digital engagement and where we can improve how we reach out to people.