What is the purpose of a Municipal Development Plan?

    A Municipal Development Plan is the long-term plan for how land is used and developed in the community. It seeks to balance the needs of people, the economy and the environment by addressing challenges, such as growth, housing and climate change. The new plan will also help to reinforce the city’s strengths and preserve the natural and historic assets.

    Why does the Municipal Development Plan include two timelines - 25 to 50 years?

    The new plan will guide decision making for the next 25 years; however, it is important to define a longer term vision to know if we are on track - this will be the 50 year vision.

    Who is involved in the development of the Municipal Development Plan?

    The Municipal Development Plan is being developed by the Town of Cochrane with consultant support from O2 (planning and engagement), Associated Engineering (engineering), FBM (economic and housing analysis), verbMedia (communications)

    A key component of the new plan is engagement with the community groups / organizations, businesses, residents and Town staff.

    Why develop a Municipal Development Plan?

    The Municipal Development Plan will be used to address challenges and reinforce the City’s strengths. It is a high-level policy document that defines the vision for land use and development in the city that will inform further planning.

    Official Plans are a requirement under Alberta's Municipal Government Act (MGA).

    How will the Municipal Development Plan benefit Cochrane?

    The Municipal Development Plan shapes growth and development by:

    • preparing for change
      • such as environmental change, like social change (e.g. aging population), physical change, (e.g. urban growth), or economic change (e.g. increased housing costs).
    • supporting the character and culture of the community
      • by promoting good urban design, a quality public realm and by keeping development consistent and complementary.
    • protecting natural, special and sensitive areas
      • by preventing or limiting development in certain areas
    • maintaining a healthy, sustainable economy
      • by supporting complete communities

    When will the Municipal Development Plan be completed?

    The Municipal Development Plan project kicked off May 2023 and is expected to be completed by early 2025.

    What is the difference between the Municipal Development Plan and the Strategic Plan?

    The Strategic Plan is the Town's highest-level plan that highlights our shared vision and collective priorities. This plan is helps guide the overall corporate direction. The Municipal Development Plan is a long-term plan for how land will be used and developed in the community. It will apply the Strategic Plan’s shared vision to Cochrane's physical form.